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Developers united for Leonardo Konarzewski

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We are joining forces for Leonardo Konarzewski to help him raise the funds for his treatment in the United Estates.

Our aim is to raise the money in the least amount of time.

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These are courses, conferences and talks that you can buy to help us raise the funds needed.


BrazilJS—the universe's biggest JavaScript conference—is also helping Leo in his battle! Everyone who buys from the early bird "Konarzewski" batch until 10/05 will help in his treatment: R$50,00 from the ticket price will be donated to the campaign!

The event will take place in 21/08 and 22/08, in Porto Alegre - RS, and will gather highly skilled people from the JavaScript community. You can't miss that out!

NEJS Hackathon 2015

The folks from NordesteJS are organising the 1st Northeast JavaScript Hackathon, which will take place on 04/07 and 05/07, at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte!

The ticket is only R$30,00, and all money will be donated to Leo's fundraising. And on top of that, you'll get to know the people from NeJS community, will learn something, and share your knowledge!

Devs pelo leokz

In partnership with Eventials we organised an online conference with many Brazilian developers.

Those who couldn't see the live transmission can still contribute! For R$50,00 only, you'll have access to the presentations recordings, and will be able to help Leo! All raised funds will still be redirected to Leo's fundraising!


Bernard de Luna

Lean UX: stop creating products, start creating experiences!

A product may be easily swappable, but an remarkable experience may change lives, create stories, and become a case of love and affection.

Caio Gondim

Starting with Git and Github

From basic Git to your open source project in the air on Github. How and why to work with Git, what are branches, what are tags, how to resolve conflicts, how to create and how to maintain an open source project.

Daniel Filho

Creating a static web server from stratch (and something more)

Let's see how simple creating a static web server is. It'll take us 5 minutes. Then, I'll explain how the automated deploy system that we use on ZOFE works (which uses the same static server, with the help of Travis CI, GitHub, scripts, and a few friends).

Diego Eis

CSS4: What's coming soon

Eduardo Shiota

Organising your JavaScript in 5 steps

The terms "architecture" and "modularisation" may give you the impression that maintaining an organised JavaScript code requires planning, too much time, and too much refactoring. However, with some good practices, it's possible to improve your application's code without big redesigns and months of work. In this presentation, I'll show you how to start organising your JavaScript right away, in 5 steps, with no headaches.

Fabio Akita

WTF Oriented Programming

You can't always start a project from scratch (green field), and sometimes we have to maintain other people's code (brown field). It wouldn't be so bad to keep it going forward if the code was at least clean, readable, organised, and with tests. But sometimes we find a few gems that make us think: WTF!?!? Let's see some real life examples in this presentation.

Rafael Rinaldi

Visual consistency in web projects

CSS is easy to modify, but very hard to maintain and test. This presentation's idea is to share a series of techniques and tools that help us guaranteeing a web project's visual consistency.

HOWTO courses

HOWTO donated the money from all subscriptions during 9 days and raised around R$7.000,00. Thanks everyone for joining us!

Who we are

Frontend United is a group of volunteer web developers, with the aim of encourage, share, promote and manage social initiatives through technology and the internet.